Student Services

Student Support 

You are about to embark on a life-changing journey, and it’s not something we expect you to do on your own. Our support network will be there to help you every step of the way, with everything from completing your application, to visas, to finding the best restaurant in Dalian. Support from GIME Student Support Team (AIC Global Education) begins while you are in your home country and continues throughout your studies 

Your Application 

Your first point of contact is likely to be with one of our recruitment officers in your home country who will answer any questions and assist you with your application. Once you have applied, our admissions staff will ensure your application is processed swiftly and you receive documents to successfully obtain your student visa for entry to China. 

Prior to Your Arrival 

Once you have confirmed your program, GIME Student Support Team will send you a pre-arrival package including an airport pick-up reservation form, an application form of accommodation and a pre-arrival guide with information on visa application, arriving in Dalian, enrolling on your course and living and studying in China. 

Your Arrival 

Dalian’s airport has regular flight connections from Beijing and Shanghai, as well as other cities in Korea and Japan. Our Student Support Team will pick you up at Dalian’s airport if you have submitted the airport pick-up reservation form with correct flight information before your departure. 

Orientation Program 

Designed to introduce you to life in Dalian, our orientation program includes a formal academic induction where you will register for your course, receive your timetable and select modules for academic programs. 

Ongoing Support 

Based on campus, GIME Student Support Team is dedicated to helping you settle in to student life and supporting you throughout your studies. Our team members speak a range of languages and can assist those who may not be able to communicate effectively in Chinese. Ongoing support includes: 

  • --Upon arrival you will be issued with a 24-hour emergency telephone number. 
  • --Residence wardens to assist with pastoral care. 
  • --Student mentors and volunteers, all Chinese students currently studying at DUFE, to help you settle in on campus. 
  • --A cultural activity program where you can visit attractions, experience traditional Chinese culture, socialize with friends and practice your Chinese language skills. 
  • --Guardianship for under 18s 

Student aged under 18 are required to have a Dalian based guardian until their 18th birthday. You will be required to find your own guardian, however our team can provide you with more information on this process.