Orientation Support

Ongoing Support 

Based on campus, GIME Student Support Team is dedicated to helping you settle in to student life and supporting you throughout your studies. Our team members speak a range of languages and can assist those who may not be able to communicate effectively in Chinese. Ongoing support includes:
--Upon arrival you will be issued with a 24-hour emergency telephone number.
--Residence wardens to assist with pastoral care.
--Student mentors and volunteers, all Chinese students currently studying at DUFE, to help you settle in on campus.
--A cultural activity program where you can visit attractions, experience traditional Chinese culture, socialize with friends and practice your Chinese language skills.


1.      Provide Flight Information

Students who need the Airport Pick up service need to provide flight information and send it to yuexiufeng@gime.dufe.cn to finish the application.

2.      Confirmation

Students will receive an confirmation letter in 5 working days.

3.      Download “Wechat” and Scan the QR-code

Student need Download the WeChat and Scan the QR-code to add our officer. Keep in touch with our officer before you arrive.

4.      Try to Make Contact with Us, If Your Flight Delayed