A Feeling of Belonging

When I first arrived to Dalian, GIME took me in with open arms. I felt welcomed and not as lonely as I thought I would feel. The moment I sat down with my principle, some of my future teachers and staff members I directly got the feeling of support and a reason not to be as afraid as I was before. Starting university in a foreign country is a little bit scary after all. As week and months went by I made some amazing friends. Friends are from all around the world. Even though we might be different from one another, we are all here in the same boat. 

We arrived to a city where a few people speak a language of our knowledge, big cultural differences and in the beginning figuring life in China out sure was difficult for each and every one of us. Therefore we are all more than willing to help each other out. Our teachers work with a passion for teaching. If they see we are willing to work and improve they will do everything in their power to help us achieve just that. Some might even sit with us after school till late guiding us towards perfection in that curtain subject (you know who you are :D).

I would like to conclude by letting our future newcomers know that it will be challenging and maybe even a little nerve-racking in the beginning, but as time goes by you will feel like you have your pockets full of knowledge, experience and believe it or not, a feeling of belonging.

----Alesia Budimcic, Sweden