GIME of DUFE successfully held the first New Year’s Celebration and Appreciation Party

On December 28 2018, Global Institute of Management and Economics of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics held the first New Year’s Celebration and Appreciation Party. This event invited the Vice President of DUFE Mr. Zhao, the Executive director of GIME Mr. Han, the Associate director Mr. Xie, the Academic Faculty director Mr. Tang, the GATS director Mr. Duff, all teachers and administration staff of GIME. This event aimed to express appreciation to all teachers and staff for their extraordinary contribution to GIME’ s teaching achievement and development as new year approaches.  
At the beginning of the event, Mr. Zhao, Mr. Tang and Mr. Duff all gave speeches respectively, expressing their recognition and appreciation to all teachers’ and staff’s hard work. During the event, all of our faculty members were presented with appreciation gifts, and they enjoyed watching appreciation videos prepared by their students. During the event, both of our teachers Orhan Yazar and Bogdan Schak were given the “Most Popular Award”, and teacher Sajal Kabiraj were given the “Outstanding Contribution Award”, and teacher Michael Hardcastle were granted the “Excellent Teacher” award and all of them were awarded the Honor Certificate and given special gifts. At the end of the event, GIME also offered Tea Break for all participants, creating relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.
The event received active responses from all participants. The first GIME New Year’s Celebration and Appreciation Party gained full success.

The Vice President of DUFE Zhao Yanzhi gave a speech

Academic Faculty Orhan Yazar given the “Most Popular Award”

GATS Faculty Bogdan Schak given the “Most Popular Award”

Sajal Kabiraj given the “Outstanding Contribution Award”

Michael Hardcastle granted the “Excellent Teacher” Award