GIME 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Summer Commencement for class of 2018 graduates was held on 28th of June, 2018. It was hosted by International Office Director, Ms. Yizi Wang. Mr. Liang Han, Executive Director of GIME; Mr. Yang Xie, Associate Director of GIME; Mrs. Ivy XU, INTO China Director of Partnership and Direct Entry; Prof. Chuanzhong Tang, Director of Academic Faculty; Mr. Ian Clark, Director of the General and Transitional Studies Department, faculty members, staffs, graduates’ families, and friends attended the ceremony. 

The ceremony opened in the solemn national anthem. Mr. Yang Xie warmly congratulated the graduates on their successful completion of their domestic studies, and thanked their parents and teachers. Prof. Tang and Mrs. Ivy Xu expressed words of wisdom for graduates.


TAFADZWA MAKAMURE, the graduate representative, made a speech on behalf of all graduates to express their gratitude to their supervisors, instructors and also all the administration staffs. The ceremony was full of surprises and moves.


Wish them all a bright future.