Team Building and Outward Bound Activity

In order to improve the comprehensive quality of the freshmen in Grade 2019 and enhance their teamwork ability, GIME conducted the quality development training activities for undergraduates and masters on August 31 and September 1, 2019, respectively. The quality development training was carried out in Small Football Stadium. With high enthusiasm and strong willpower, the students cooperated with the team members tacitly, worked actively for the honor of the team and successfully completed the whole day's development training. 

At the beginning of the outward bound training, the instructor issued a command to stand for 20 minutes. Although the weather was hot, the students still maintained the correct military posture and earnestly completed the task. After standing in the military posture, the outward bound training began to proceed in an orderly manner. Among them, such activities as "work together in a boat", "water comes to the canal" and "do not fall into the forest" have tested the ability of teamwork of students, and the successful completion of each activity required the active cooperation of each member, which is indispensable. "Crossing the three-dimensional grid" not only tested the wisdom of the team, but also required trust and patience among members. The final "F1 traffic jam race" link, the scene atmosphere has boiled, students have contributed their ideas, and strive to create the most dazzling chariot. Finally, in the racing achievement demonstration and the competition link, the students showed the spirit of mutual love, mutual assistance and solidarity, and the scene climax occurred repeatedly. 

As a student going abroad, teamwork is an indispensable basic ability. In order to enable students to integrate into the new environment as soon as possible and enhance their willpower, GIME carried out quality development training, which is very helpful to establish a team spirit of mutual cooperation and support, improve interpersonal relationships, and enhance mutual communication and information exchange in the future study and life. After taking a group photo with students, coaches and assistants, the outward bound training activity successfully concluded. This outward bound activity added a strong brush to the beautiful college life of all freshmen in 2019. Outward bound training is not only an opportunity for acquaintance, but also a stage for self-release. 

This expansion also tells the freshmen a truth that only by marching forward bravely, can we achieve the final victory by uniting. We believe that in the future study and life, students will continue to maintain these abilities learned in outward bound training.