The 2019 Freshmen Opening Ceremony and Admission Scholarship Awarding Ceremony of the Global Institute of Management and Economics, DUFE

On August 27, 2019, the 2019 Freshmen Opening Ceremony and Admission Scholarship Awarding Ceremony of the Global Institute of Management and Economics, DUFE was held in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Library. Mrs. Xiaoyu Ding (Director of GIME) , Mr. Liang Han (Associate Director of GIME) , Mr. Chuanzhong Tang(Associate Director of GIME), and Mr. Stacey Duff (the Director of the General and Transitional Studies Department) and administrative teacher representatives attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Xingchen Zhu, the director of the Student Support Office of GIME.

2019 is a year of harvesting and growth for GIME. GIME has made great achievements in the area of studying abroad. It has already achieved Sino-foreign cooperation in bachelor and master degree with more than 30 world famous universities, and continues to have more cooperation with other world well-known universities. GIME is continuously deepening the content and form of cooperation with prestigious schools, to obtain more high-quality study abroad programs for students.

At the opening ceremony, Ms. Ding Xiaoyu, on behalf of all the teachers and students of GIME, expressed heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to the new students. She shared the development and harvest of GIME in recent years, and put forward three expectations of the university life and learning to the new students: I hope you can live independently; I hope you can learn to cherish time, self-discipline and self-improvement; I hope you are grateful and take responsibility.

Stacey Duff, sincerely shared his understanding of happiness and success. He encouraged students not to blindly pursue money and material, but to take the initiative to discover what really meant to them in life. He hoped that the freshmen would be proud of themselves when they graduated. He urged students to cherish the precious friendship between classmates, which would be a valuable asset in life.

Hanyue Ma , a representative of the undergraduate freshmen of Grade 2019, made a speech. She first thanked her parents for their training, and shared her plans for future study. She would be strict in self-discipline, honest and trustworthy during her study, and would live up to the expectations of the leaders, teachers and parents.

Zhonghui Liu, a representative of the postgraduate freshmen of Grade 2019 delivered a speech on the theme of "never forget the beginning, always follow it". She stressed the importance of independent thinking and learning as contemporary college students, and called on everyone to strive hard in the best youth, climbing all the way, and finally enjoy the beautiful scenery at the top of the pyramid.


The leaders of GIME awarded scholarship certificates to undergraduate and postgraduate students who had received scholarships.

New semester is a new starting point, and a new beginning. With the fresh power of new students,  GIME will create more glory in the new school year!