Representatives from University of Geneva, Switzerland paid a visit to GIME

On June 28th, Prof. Harald Hau, Managing Director of Geneva Finance Research Institute, and Mr. Yue Zhuo paid a visit to GIME, DUFE. Ms. Xiaoyu Ding, Director of GIME, Mr. Liang Han, Associate Director of GIME and Mr. Yang Xie, Associate Director of GIME welcomed the guests in Conferenece Room in Mingzhe Building. 

During the visit, the delegation had a meeting in GIME. Representatives from both institutions gave their introduction about their insitution and the program offered for international students. Also, they discussed possiblity of degree seeking cooperation program and reached agreement in establishing Pre-Master collaborative program between the two insitutions. 

University of Genava is the second largest public university in Switzerland and ranked 108 in QS of the year 2019.